FloatFit classes at Piccadilly Health Club


FloatFit gives a fun, full body workout on a body length, unstable, floating platform. The AquaBase, the original floating exercise mat, adds a new, powerful dimension to workouts.

The movement created by the water requires both the core and concentration to work together to balance. Intricate stabilising muscles work overtime adding strength to joints. These muscle fibres are frequently ‘unused’ in other workouts.


Benefits of FloatFit

• coordination & balance
• cardiovascular fitness
• increased flexibility
• enhanced posture
• mental wellbeing
• muscular strength

All exercises can be modified to suit different levels of fitness, experience and age. FloatFit gives the participant a stimulating class and an effective workout.


Mondays at 6pm & 6.30pm
Thursdays at 12pm & 12.30pm


To book your slot please contact:
Telephone: +44 (0) 2078513139
Email: healthclub.piccadilly@lemeridien.com

Price: £20 

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